About me

This is the personal website of Michel Stuyts. On these pages I experiment with internet techniques. Here you can get to know me a little. Choose one of the subjects above to know more about me and the things that keep me busy.

To make this website, I used Notepad++ and Adobe Photoshop CC. This website is build with HTML, CSS and Javascript and uses JQuery and Bootstrap. All photographs are made by me.


I enjoy music in different ways, so here's an overview.


I play different instruments. I started with guitar and nowadays I play it both in standarad tuning and in DADGAD tuning. I also play Irish Bouzouki (in GDAD tuning) and Bodhran. Sometimes I play the mandolin or a banjo-mandolin and occasionally I play a little on a Tin Whistle, a Low Whistle or a Recorder.

Since a couple of years I play bouzouki and bodhran in a group called Stagecoach. It's a nice group that plays bluegrass and Irish folk music, but above all it's a lot of fun.

Instrument Making

On the Courses for Traditional Folk Music in Gooik, I followed several Instrument Making workshops. So, by now I have several self-made instruments: a "hommel", a hammered dulcimer and a "scifonie". It gives a lot of satisfaction to build your own instrument.

Folk in Antwerpen

I am the co-founder and editor of the website Folk in Antwerpen. With this website we hope more people find their way to folk music activities in the Antwerp region. In the first place it's a calendar for all folk music organisers in Antwerp. It also contains reports and articles about folk music in Antwerp: www.folkinantwerpen.be



I work as a GIS coordinator at the local governments of Edegem and Kontich. Don't you know what GIS is? GIS is a Geographic Information System and I coordinate all spatial information at these local governments. Do you want to know more about GIS, take a look at Wikipedia.


Obviously I'm also interested in GIS outside the job situation, therefore I put some GIS and map related projects on the internet:

GIS links

On the internet you can find lots of interesting information about GIS. Here are some of my favourites :

  • Informatie Vlaanderen: The Geospatial Service of the Flemish Governement
  • OpenStreetMap: A crowdsourced map of the world. A kind of Wikipedia for maps.
  • QGIS: Great open-source (aka: free) GIS software. Just try it!
  • Geo-How-To: A wiki about GIS and Geografy.
  • GeoNe.ws: Geospatial news
  • OSGeo: An organisation that makes open-source GIS and mapping software (QGIS, ...).


I don't really remember when I started with photography, but my first photographic experiments were with an analog point-and-shoot during the family vacations with my parents. Even then I already prefered nature photography. My first analog SLR was Rusian made and I got it from some small shop on the Falconplein in Antwerp (in those days that was Little Moscow). It was with that camera I really got into photography. Technical my photographs weren't that good, but an entire new world opened for me. For some reason I can't remember, I later returned back to an analog point-and-shoot. Probably for practical reasons, but I also photographed less and less. In 2005 I changed to digital, with a HP point-and-shoot. Looking back at it, that thing was of terrible quality, but nevertheless I made a lot of images with it. Because I kept hitting the limitations of that camera, I bought my first DSLR in 2008. At the time chose for Canon and I'm still faithfull to that brand.

Since that time I explored the technical side of photography through courses and workshops. Because of that the quality of my images improved a lot. The result can be seen om my photography websites.

The subjects I photograph are mainly nature photography and concert photography. These are very different subjects, but they offer a wide range of possibilities for me as a hobby photographer.

By now I have a huge collection of digital images. Some of them I put on the internet and can be seen by anyone in my portfolio "No Road Home". I also write a blog about photography that can be found on blog.noroadhome.com. For my nature photographs I have a seperate website. These images can be seen on fototuin.be

Al my images are copyrighted. If you want to use one of my photographs on the internet or printed please contact me in advance and then arrangements can be made.