I work as a GIS coordinator at the local governments of Edegem and Kontich. Don't you know what GIS is? GIS is a Geographic Information System and I coordinate all spatial information at these local governments. Do you want to know more about GIS, take a look at Wikipedia.


Obviously I'm also interested in GIS outside the job situation, therefore I put some GIS and map related projects on the internet:

GIS links

On the internet you can find lots of interesting information about GIS. Here are some of my favourites :

  • Informatie Vlaanderen: The Geospatial Service of the Flemish Governement
  • OpenStreetMap: A crowdsourced map of the world. A kind of Wikipedia for maps.
  • QGIS: Great open-source (aka: free) GIS software. Just try it!
  • OSGeo: An organisation that makes open-source GIS and mapping software (QGIS, ...).