I enjoy music in different ways, so here's an overview.


I play different musical instruments. I started with guitar and nowadays I play it both in standard and in DADGAD tuning. I also play Irish Bouzouki (in GDAD tuning) and Bodhran. Sometimes I play the mandolin or a banjo-mandolin and occasionally I play a little on a Tin Whistle, a Low Whistle or a Recorder.

Since a couple of years I play bouzouki and bodhran in a group called Stagecoach. It's a great group that plays bluegrass and Irish folk music, but above all it's a lot of fun.

Folk in Antwerpen

I am the co-founder and editor of the website Folk in Antwerpen. With this website we hope more people find their way to folk music activities in the Antwerp region. It's mainly a calendar for all folk music organisers in Antwerp. It also contains reports and articles about folk music in Antwerp:

Chords for Stringed Instruments

I created a website with a visual overview of chords for some stringed instruments. Chords are available for: